Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the appointment take?

An appointment takes about 30 minutes (including drying time)


How long does the tan last?

With proper maintenance, your tan can last 5 to 7 days or longer. It depends on many factors such as each person's individual

rate of skin exfoliation, how often a person showers or baths, how often lotion is applied,  etc. 


Do I need to worry about looking orange or streaky?

Absolutely NOT!  Our solutions have zero orange tint to it. We specialize in making sure our clients leave with a natural glow.  


How should I prepare for my tan?

The best way to prepare for your tan is to exfoliate with a loofah and soap. We don’t recommend using sugar scrubs as they usually have oil in them, which sits on the skin and doesn’t let the tan absorb. Shaving, waxing, facials, manicure/pedicures, massages, and laser treatments should all be done before your tanning appointment.


What if I need to shave after my tanning appointment?

Please wait 8 hours for the solution to develop onto your skin. Take a shower until the water runs clear and use a moisturizing shaving gel to shave. Please note shaving is like exfoliating so every time you shave your tan will tend to fade.


How long should I wait to shower after my appointment?

You have to wait at least 8 hours before taking a shower. Your first shower should be a rinse with no soap or loofah. You will see a brown coloring come off in your shower. This is the bronzer. Make sure the water runs clear before you hop

out of the shower.


Can I go to the gym right after my spray tan appointment?

We strongly encourage you to refrain from using the gym directly after your appointment. Profuse sweating will take the tan right off; if you must workout please wait 6-8 hours before doing so. 


How can I make my airbrush tan last as longer?

Make sure you moisturize every day and refrain from exfoliating your body and taking hot showers.


Can I get a manicure/pedicure after the tan?

We ask you get all manicures and pedicures done before the tan but if you need to get a manicure or pedicure after your spray tan appointment we suggest you wait the full 8 hours and take your first shower rinse. Let your nail technician know you only want a polish change and cuticle removal. No soaking hands and feet in water. No oils or exfoliation.


What should I wear to my appointment?

Loose dark clothing is best due to the bronzer color can rub off a little bit.  However, the bronzer does wash out during washing.  


What do I wear while I’m getting tanned?

You can wear underwear or a bathing suit or whatever you feel comfortable in.


Can I swim in the pool with my tan?

Stay away from chlorine, as it will make the tan fade quickly.


I’m pregnant or breastfeeding. Is it safe to get the tan?

DHA only penetrates the outermost part of the skin. DHA has been used as a cosmetic ingredient in the United States since 1960 and no problems have ever been reported concerning DHA penetrating the skin, or causing problems during pregnancy. Bella Bronze does suggest consulting with your physician first. 


I’m getting married. When should I get the tan done?

We recommend brides come in for a trial tan to see how great the color looks and also to see how long it lasts. We suggest getting the tan the day before any important celebration or event such as a wedding.


I am going on vacation. When should I make an appointment?

It is best to make your appointment as close to the date of departure for your trip.


Will the tan come off on my clothes?

Our tans dry extremely fast so you will have little to no transfer onto your clothing. We suggest you wear loose dark clothing after your tanning appointment. The tan might come off on your clothes in the 8 hour time period after your appointment but it will wash off in the laundry and it will not ruin your tan.


I am extremely pale. Is the tan going to look weird on me?

Absolutely not! Our solution is very natural and looks like a real sun kissed tan. We are also very light handed when we tan, and our solution is created for ALL skin tones.


What if I want to be really dark?

That is totally fine. Just let the technician know that you like to go on the darker side.


What if my appointment is in the evening? Can I sleep with the tan on?

Yes, you can go ahead and sleep with the tan and wake up the next morning and take a shower (rinse only, no soap).

We suggest you wear loose dark clothing to bed.


I’m using Retin-A or topical acne creams. Will that affect the tan?

Yes, please refrain from using anything with retinol, salicylic acid, glycolic, or any other exfoliating agents during the course of your spray tan.


Will the tan cover my tan lines?

We cannot guarantee the airbrush tan will cover tan lines. It will make them less noticeable but not cover them completely.


I am peeling from a sunburn. Can I still get the tan done?

We do not recommend getting airbrush tanned if you are peeling. The tan will look completely uneven where your

skin is peeling.


DHA & the FDA?

The active ingredient in self-tanning products is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA has been used in cosmetic  preparations for almost 30 years and was listed with the FDA in 1973. It is declared safe and suitable for  use in cosmetics and used

to color the skin. DHA is derived from glycerin (vegetable origin) which is a  commonly used cosmetic and food ingredient. DHA is not absorbed into the body and poses no possibility  of toxicity.